• Performs venipuncture, administering and withdrawing intravenous fluids within the regulations (21. 12) of the State Practice Act.
  • Assesses and evaluates resident s health status to determine the appropriate plan of care.
  • Develops a care plan which promotes, maintains and restores the well-being of the resident.
  • Involves residents and their families in their health promotion, maintenance and restoration.
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of the quality of nursing care provided.
  • Administers medication and treatments as prescribed by the physician, as per Policies and Procedures and per Standard of Practice Guidelines.
  • Continually follows medical regime as ordered by the physician.
  • Continually monitors effectiveness and/or results of the resident s medications and/or treatments.
  • Always adheres to policies regarding narcotic count and narcotic discrepancies.
  • Performs required daily documentation of the nursing process. Ensures documentation is clear, accurate and complete per written policy.
  • Appropriately documents in the medical record (as per charting guidelines) the results of treatments, procedures, resident teaching and other resident care activities.
  • Collects complete and ongoing data to determine nursing care needs on the residents living in the household.
  • Maintains all applicable logs, paperwork, files, etc.
  • Documents resident care information on appropriate forms as per Policy, in order to provide supporting documentation for the MDS process.
  • Documents on the MDS in the required nursing sections to provide for proper resident care planning.
  • Accurately follows policy for the completion of transcription of the Physicians orders.
  • Performs monthly MAR checks to verify accuracy when assigned.
  • Verifies 24-hour check of physician orders when assigned.
  • Contributes to the residents care plan by attending care plan conferences as required and providing input to ensure resident s goals are achieved.
  • Supervises direct care of residents, including but not limited to, vital signs and ADL care given by the nurse aide, resident coordinator or resident assistant.
  • Administers residents quality care in a considerate respectful manner.
  • Consistently enforces Nursing or Personal Care policies and procedures.
  • Partners closely with Elder Care Coordinator, Healthcare Manger or Administrator in regard to supervision of nurse aides, resident coordinators or resident assistants, such as evaluations, progressive disciplines, etc.
  • Participates in in-service education.
  • Assists with control of material resources and equipment in the household, reports equipment malfunction to maintenance and the Elder Care Coordinator, Healthcare Manger or Household Coordinator.
  • Contributes to the life of the household; examples include but are not limited to; housekeeping, cleaning, and assistance with meals.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • Graduated from an accredited school of nursing and possesses a current license, in good standing, from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  • A graduate nurse who has not yet obtained board results or a Nurse who does not yet have a Pennsylvania license must have a temporary practice permit required by the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing.
  • Demonstrated competency in the use of medical equipment.
  • Ability to understand any current union contracts and be able to direct work load/supervision accordingly.
  • One (1) to two (2) years of resident care experience preferred.
  • Working knowledge of computers, Microsoft Word and Excel required.

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